Executive Branch: the Cabinet

How much are people in the Trump administration worth?

Washington State


Women’s Health

SB 5320 – young women, privacy, and access to healthcare. VOTE NO!




5th District

Issues of Interest


The next American farm bust


The Hamilton Project: economics of infrastructure investment













Trump’s maternity leave plan: who it leaves out






Net Neutrality is Trump’s next target


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What can we do?

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What’s Congress up to?


Rep. Pascrell invokes 1924 law to grant Congress access to Trump’s tax returns


Paul Ryan’s budget




The Environment

Repealing the Affordable Care Act

Democrats: Medicare for all!

MAR Republicans announce the American Health Care Act


JAN 13: Senate and House passes budget reconciliation bill that strips ACA spending and revenue. Analysis

Mental Health

Herrera Beutler introduces Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Accessibility Act of 2017


National Security

Walden (R-OR) sponsors HR 983, exempting ranchers from terrorism laws


Murray pushes back against voucher plan

Catalog of Trump’s carnage

APR 6 – US rains 50+ missiles on Syria, Trump lavished with praise, SYRIA: Google doc, Trump’s fog machine, limited effect of US attack

APR 3 – Trump praises  President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, Blames Assad’s civilian chemical attack on Obamathen changes his mind about AssadBackground: why Obama changed course

MAR 29 – Trump signs Executive Order establishing Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, Politico, Mother Jones

MAR 28 – Trump signs Executive Order “promoting energy independence and economic growthScientific America: smog, crops, and climate plan, Forbes: clean power plan repeal will causes deaths and cost hundreds of millions, Washington Post: Trump’s actions FAQ, Trump moves to wipe out Obama’s climate change record

MAR 27 – Trump signs Executive Order revoking all of part of Obama’s EOs related to federal contracting

Trump announces White House Office of American Innovation

Trump signs four Congressional Review Act bills disapproving Obama regulations:  H.J.Res. 37 (Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces), H.J.Res. 44, which nullifies the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management’s final rule relating to resource management planning; H.J.Res. 57, which nullifies the Department of Education’s rule relating to State accountability requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act; and H.J.Res. 58, which nullifies the Department of Education’s rule relating to assessing the quality of teacher preparation programs.

MAR 16 – Trump’s budget proposal, NY Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, effect on E WA, all of WA, hits rural communities extra hard

MAR 13 – Executive Order to reorganize/eliminate Executive agencies

MAR 6 – Travel ban 2.0

FEB 28 – Trump signs Executive Order to rollback Clean Water Rule; Washington Post article; Politico articleEffect on PNW salmon

Executive Order to promote excellence at historically black colleges and universities; Washington Post article, including more out of touch idiocy from DeVos and Conway

Fact-checking Trump’s first address to Congress

FEB 24 – Trump signs Executive Order establishing task forces to eliminate “job killing regulations”

Fact-checking Trump’s CPAC speech

FEB 17 – Trump calls press the “enemy of the people” a phrase wrought with troubled history

FEB 9 – Signs three Executive Orders related to public safety: creating a task force, preventing violence against LEOs, and cracking down on transnational criminal organizations; UK Independent analysis with data, Cato analysis Also, an EO providing an order of succession at the Justice Dept

FEB 3 – Executive Order to roll back financial regulations; KDT summary here, how private equity funds can now drain your 401(k)

New sanctions for Iran

FEB 2 Threatens to destroy Johnson Amendment, which prohibits non-profits from participating in candidate’s campaigns.

FEB 1 – Ousting all Inspector Generals

More bad diplomacy: call with Australia’s prime minister

Bad Black History month speech/ramble, Tavis Smiley’s take

JAN 31 – Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement fired

Trump nominates Colorado federal Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court, and endorses nuclear option; Indivisible’s anti-Gorsuch info; Gorsuch wants to undo government,

JAN 30 – Executive Order to scrap two regulations for every one enacted

Acting Attorney General refuses to defend immigration order; is fired

JAN 28 –  Trump reshuffles National Security Council, removing Director of National Intelligence and Joint Chiefs of Staff … adding (white nationalist) Steve Bannon?!?!

Trumps’s first week, per White House press office, Politico’s Summary of all Executive Actions to date, Eliot Cohen’s assessment

JAN 27Trumps’s statement on International Holocaust Day fails to mention Jews

Washington Post report on statement

JAN 25Executive Order to Build that Wall! and restrict immigration, Lawfare analysis, Atlantic article

JAN 24Issues Executive Order to proceed with Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, requiring U.S. steel (or not!) and muzzles communication from federal agencies (see letter from 12 Senators)

JAN 23Reinstates global gag rule, a decades-old federal ban on U.S. funding for international groups that provide information about abortion, kills TPP, freezes federal hiring, and tells EPA to freeze all grants and contracts

JAN 21 – Issues moratorium on regulations

JAN 20 – Within an hour of taking the oath of office, Trump suspends Federal Housing Authority mortgage insurance rate cut.  He had the memo ready and waiting.

JAN 20Trump’s inauguration speech, annotated

JAN 18Freedom of the press?

Trump and the birther “debate”