What can we do?

ReadDisaster Capitalism, How NOT to resist Trump, Orwell and the well-placed lie, Resist, but don’t burn out, white fragility, how to culture jam a populist, A Dangerously Isolated President, Trump is violating the Constitution, Bannon IS a white nationalist, Trial balloon for a coup, How to talk to conservative friends, advice from MLK’s daughter, white privilege, step up even if you’re a nervous wreck, evidence that racism helps the GOP, despair is not a strategy, a warning from Pussy Riot, the Wisconsin lesson, Redistribution is not futile, Repulsive world view of Bannon/Trump, Trump’s disturbing Jackson worship, the Mercers, their money, their man Trump, Obama post-presidency, Red-state progressives key to resistance, our miserable 21st Century, how Norway avoided becoming a fascist state, Ursula LeGuin: fiction vs alternative facts, what Trump needs to learn about protests, partisan reading you shouldn’t missinvisible manipulators of your mindMike Pence’s marriage, our dishonest president, too many mistakes (WSJ!), Bill O’Reilly: an awful man, Moyers: threats & resistance, the Heritage Foundation behind the curtains, 11 nations of the US, why facts don’t change our mind, weakness of religious left, reaching out to the voters the left left behind, supply side economics for liberals, America’s empty church problem, Trump’s 100 days of deconstruction, Margaret Atwood reflects on The Handmaid’s Tale, Evangelicals in America, America’s dual economy, Passion of Southern Christians, John McCain: why we must support human rights, Nixon & Trump, How home ownership became the engine of American inequalitywhy evangelicals love TrumpThe Dumb Politics of Elite CondescensionJames Comey and the Revenge of Washington’s Professional Class,  The Loneliness of Donald TrumpThe Families That Can’t Afford Summer, Fascists rally around Trump, Kansas’s failed conservative experiment, Kansas, part II

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